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1.1. By means of this webpage (onward "The Webpage"), users may download files from our servers to their hard disks. These files contain the setup package of the program (the "SOFTWARE") for the operative system you selected.

1.2. To download the SOFTWARE, the COMPANY offers several methods to download the SOFTWARE which may vary depending on its price in accordance with clause SECOND below.



2.1. The Website may offer various methods of downloading the SOFTWARE which vary in its price for the user. Such methods, without prejudice of any other or others that may be offered in the future, may be one, several or all of the abovementioned. The Website shall informa at all times about the available downloading methods:
a) Free download of software. In this case the user may access to the downloading of the software of his choice without having to pay any economic compensation. In this case, and as a necessary condition of such free downloading, the user agrees and expressly grants his consents to the following events that shall take place automatically (i) the installation of an application consisting of a toolbar with several functionalities and options, including the display of advertisements or any other similar promotional activities, that will be shown in the Internet browser used by the user on a permanent and indefinite basis, and (ii) the modification of the Home Page used by its Web browser, so that, upon acceptance, the Home Page to be shown by default will be GOOOFULLSEARCH.COM.
b) Download of SOFTWARE by sending PREMIUM SMS. In this case, the user can access to the download of software by sending PREMIUM SMS to the shortcode indicated on the Website. In this sense, the Website itself shall provide the user with detailed and accurate information about the purchasing process and the applicable economic conditions for the delivery of PREMIUM SMS.
c) Download of SOFTWARE by credit card payment and, where appropriate, by any other means of electronic payment that may be supported at each moment by the Website and appearing as such in the Website. In this sense, as in paragraph b) above, the Website will provide the user accurate and comprehensive information about the purchasing process and economic conditions for the payment.

2.2. For the purpose of downloading the toolbar and changing the Home Page as described in paragraph 2.1.a) above, you warrant and represent that you own the equipment and software or, alternatively, that you have sufficient rights to make such modifications and amendments.

2.3. Both the installation of the toolbar and the modification of the Home Page mentioned herein may be revoked at any time as desired by the user, who will be entitled at any time to uninstall the toolbar or change the Home Page as soon as he desires.

2.4. In the cases referred to in paragraphs 2.1.b) and 2.1.c), and once the PREMIUM SMS is sent or the payment is made using one of the means of payment available, and always according to the instructions provided in the downloads section, the user will receive a code / password that will allow him to make the download.

2.5. Where appropriate, the Web page can also offer a payment Wap subscription service. The price of such subscription will be displayed on the payment page prior to the acceptance by the user. To cancel the WAP service the user may contact his network operator.



3.1. The user undertakes to prepare, maintain and configure the technical requirements for both the PC and the mobile telephone in order to use the service. The COMPANY is under no obligation to provide technical assistance in this respect.

3.2. The user undertakes not to use any type of IT engine or utility that enables the mass distribution of SMS messages.

3.3. The user must not use the Website or the service in any way that could damage, render useless, overload, corrupt or impede its normal use or enjoyment by other users. The user individually undertakes not to obstruct the normal running of the Website in any way and, above all, must not wrongfully overload the bandwidth or any other technical element susceptible to damage. Likewise, the user may not transmit any element that could potentially contain viruses, Trojans, logic bombs or, in general, any other element that could harm, block or interfere with all or part of the Website.

3.4. THE WEB USER must refrain from any activity that violates industrial copyright and intellectual property laws regarding graphics, brands, logos, designs, drawings, texts, programs, software and any other multi-media components shown on the Webpage. It must likewise refrain from altering or manipulating any copyrights or other identifying data relating to the intellectual or industrial property rights of the PROVIDER, the owners of any content that may be incorporated into the Webpage, or third parties, as well as technical protection devices, digital fingerprints or any other content protection tool.
3.5. In the case of natural persons, the user states and assures the PROVIDER that s/he is of legal age.

3.6. The user undertakes to compensate the PROVIDER for any damage or loss, including, when applicable, any legal expenses arising from dealings conducted in or out-of-court that may be incurred from breach of these CONDITIONS OF USE, and in particular, from breach of the terms set forth in this Provision.



4.1. The PROVIDER will not be held liable for any network faults attributable to the mobile telephony operator, including but not limited to the following in particular: interferences resulting from atmospheric conditions, loss of coverage relating to the user's mobile phone, faults with the user's mobile handset, network supply failures for the mobile telephony operator/s, improper or fraudulent use of the user's mobile handset.

4.2. Likewise, the user accepts that even when the servers of the PROVIDER are prepared and equipped to provide a PREMIUM download service, there are other network components belonging to telecommunication operators that are beyond the control of the PROVIDER, which will therefore not be held liable in such cases when actual download speeds are slower than desired.

4.3. THE WEB USER accepts that the PROVIDER has designed the Webpage in good faith, despite the fact that it may contain inaccuracies or errors, which will be duly corrected as quickly as possible and as soon as the PROVIDER becomes aware of their existence.

4.4. The PROVIDER states that the Webpage currently possesses the technology (software and hardware) required to access and/or use the services incorporated therein. Nevertheless, the PROVIDER is under no obligation to guarantee permanent access to the Webpage and may, therefore, suspend access and usage of the service in order to carry out technical modifications or improvements. It will not be held liable for any damages that users may incur as a result of these circumstances, given that acceptance of these current CONDITIONS OF USE by the User implies acceptance of the fact that the Webpage may not be permanently available.

4.5. The PROVIDER has adopted all applicable technical and organisational security measures in accordance with existing standards of quality in the sector in order to ensure maximum security and confidentiality of communications. Control mechanisms have also been implemented to prevent security breaches and other negative consequences, and the most appropriate organisational methods and technical procedures have been adopted in order to minimise such risks. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user recognises and accepts that Internet security methods are not impregnable, Internet networks are not secure and any communication sent by this means may be intercepted or changed by unauthorised parties.

4.6. The PROVIDER accepts no responsibility for the fact that the information supplied through the Webpage may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies. It will not be held liable for any damage or loss that may be incurred from accessing the Webpage or from using the services. Likewise, it may not be held liable for other products and services offered via the Webpage by third parties or provided through links("links").

4.7. Moreover, the PROVIDER Limited will not be liable for any possible errors or security shortcomings that may arise when Users employ out-of-date or insecure browsers, or activate browser password storage tools, or from any damage, errors or inaccuracies that may arise from faults inherent in the browser.

4.8. The PROVIDER may, at any time, request the user to prove that it has duly complied with the obligations set forth in these CONDITIONS OF USE. Failure to provide evidence of compliance will entitle the PROVIDER to automatically bar the user in question.

4.9. As way of example and without prejudice to that set forth above, the PROVIDER will not be held liable for the following:

  1. Power losses or errors during the transmission of data;;
  2. Loss of connection;
  3. Deletion of user content or details;
  4. Lack of access to the online platform;
  5. Delays in the transmission of data;
  6. Interruptions or other communication failures;
  7. Registration theft;
  8. Any kind of data destruction by third parties;
  9. Unauthorised access to data;
  10. Data manipulation;
  11. Inadequate use of data.



5.1. In the event that the user encounters any kind of problem or issue while using the PREMIUM service, by writing to the following Contact.The user must send an E-Mail to the above-mentioned address describing the problem and the PROVIDER commits to answer your issue as soon as possible.

5.2. Nevertheless, the PROVIDER shall only provide support to those users whose question or issue relates to downloads, and will never offer help in relation to the actual software to be downloaded. In such case, users should contact the software manufacturer/owner.



The user accepts that his/her personal details and any others that s/he may provide to the COMPANY at any time, following requests or enquiries in relation to, or the procurement of any service or product governed by these CONDITIONS OF USE, will be incorporated into an automated data file owned and maintained by the COMPANY. The purpose of the aforementioned file is to manage the service and provide it to the user, as well as to send commercial communications relating to products and services similar to those offered on the Website through any medium or format, including electronically (by E-Mail/SMS). Should the user no longer wish to receive further communications regarding our products and services or those of our business group, s/he may Contact. In addition, users will be entitled to access, correct, withdraw or challenge their personal details. These rights may be exercised by writing to the registered offices of the COMPANY.



The PROVIDER reserves the right to change, at its discretion, the layout or configuration of the Webpage, the provisions of these CONDITIONS OF USE, or, in general, any other content or service contained within the Webpage. All that is required for such purpose is to include the corresponding changes in these CONDITIONS OF USE and to place them in a link that users can consult at all times. In this regard, access to the Webpage by the user, or their use of any service, will be taken to constitute their express, full and unequivocal acceptance of all the changes in their entirety. The user therefore undertakes to consult the contents of these CONDITIONS OF USE every time s/he accesses the Webpage.



This Agreement will be governed by English Law. The parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction or forum that may apply, agree to submit any disputes that may arise from performance of the obligations contained within this Agreement to the Courts and Tribunals in and for the City of London. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the user is resident in a country where an imperative law establishing the mandatory submission to a law, or jurisdiction other than that prescribed in this clause, is applicable, such imperative law shall prevail over this clause.


GOOOFULL does not belong to an affiliation network. Downloaded software has to be used according to copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property regulation in use. A version of this software can be downloaded for free in the developer´s official website. Craks, keygens and serials are not allowed. This site is not responsible for an inappropriate use of downloaded software.